In this video I show how make particles form on a surface and slide along the surface. I demonstrate how to write a fit01 function to create a gradient color over the entire length of a bounding box axis. This color gradient is then used as a falloff for secondary animation. There is also a brief introduction to CHOPs  which shows how you can take a simple four keyframe animation and add after motion to it by using the Jiggle node to create a more organic feel. I use an animated Bend node to cause the source geometry to throw particles resting on the surface out into world.

You can download the finished HIP file with the mushroom object at this link.

You can see the final version of this animated mushroom in the Music Video Real Magic.


  • BabaJ 1 year, 9 months ago  | 

    Thanks for this one. Never knew about that channel node and what it can do, seems analogous to copystamp behaviour with the copy node.
    Only been using chops with export nodes to whatever paramater I want the chop waveforms applied too. Now it looks like I can apply what I have in a chop to many points/attributes, using this channel node ( which is different than the 'channel' node within a chop itself) - cool.

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