In this video I demonstrate how to setup an FBX subnet so the bones can be driven by the Houdini Pose Library. I show how to do basic viewport fixup on the subnet as well as how to make an interface button from one node run a Python script in another node. This python script prepares the FBX rig by adding a series of parameters to the subnet, one for every bone controller in the rig. Once the script is run I show how to Autoscope and Link the parameters to the internal NULLs driving the bones. I cover the basic Pose Library operation demonstrating how to make a couple of poses and then how to animate between them.

You can download the python script and the MakeHuman Motion builder skeleton used in this video from this link.


  • BabaJ 1 year, 3 months ago  | 

    Wow...I have yet to get into rigging and such. This video really shows me what's possible. Definitely will be re-visiting this video once I start into this aspect of Houdini.

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