This is an advanced tutorial. The material is dense and there is a good amount of simple trig math. To understand what we are doing in VOPs there are over 60 slides presented and you can download the presentation and associated files. We will be exploring creating a VOP based pattern for shaders. We will looking at two approaches. The first is the wrong way by using trig, floor, and ceiling functions. All slow to execute but easy to understand. The second approach once you understand the math of the first approach uses pulse trains. Super fast and efficient. 
In this tutorial we will learn how to create geometric shapes without the need for a for..loop. For..loops are too slow for pattern creation. We will start by creating concentric bands like a practice target and from there we will create radial wedges, radial lines, and .concentric lines.

Since this is an advanced tutorial I did not go through and explain how I combined the different aspects of the shader nor did I explain how to make it into a HDA. If you need help the hip file is downloadable.

Link to hip, had, and slides -


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