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The BA (Hons)/FdA Visual Effects and Post-Production (Film) is a course designed to provide students with the practical, critical and theoretical tools required by the contemporary visual effects and  post-production  industries. Students develop the problem-solving and reflective abilities necessary for study and subsequent work within the industry. The program has a focus towards film  and  television  post-production,  colour  grading, multi-platform editing, sound design and compositing combining 2d/3d animation and visual effects with 'live' action footage, simulating the industry.

Visual effects production is an innovative area of contemporary design; it’s blending of art and technology calls for practitioners who are both technically skilled and aesthetically aware, with a balance of pragmatic decision making and creative flair. The BA (Hons)/FdA Visual Effects  and  Post-Production  (Film)  course  is  designed  to  equip  students  with strong observational skills and the ability to apply these skills in the compositing of a final moving image sequence.