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The School of Design at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand is a leading institute of research and technology innovation, with strong connections to major digital industry groups.

In partnership with the Wellington ICT Graduate School, we deliver a Master in Design Technology (MDT) at the Miramar Creative Centre. Located amongst the Weta group buildings, this offers our students unrivaled access to work experience and professional connections with New Zealand’s world-leading film, animation and game development industries.

The MDT provides students with the professional skills and critical thinking needed to excel in the highly technical and creatively demanding fields of Visual Effects and Animation. These sought-after skills can also be applied in related areas like game design, exhibition design and multimedia design.

Two of our courses are taught completely in Houdini. MDDN 451 Creative Coding for Digital Content teaches students procedural design, modelling and systems, with an emphasis on coding in Houdini's VEX programming language. MDDN 4231 Lighting and Rendering teaches artistic and technical approaches to digital cinematography with Houdini. Our course MDDN 422 Rigging and Simulation teaches the Creature FX part of the course in Houdini.