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UT_MakePtrConst.h File Reference

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struct  UT_MakePtrConst< V >
struct  UT_MakePtrConst< V * >

Detailed Description

UT_MakePtrConst adds const to a pointer.

For example, it will turn "int*" into "const int*"

NOTE: This template will NOT WORK for FUNCTION POINTER types. The previous incarnation of this code used hboost::mpl to handle this case but gcc 3.3.6 would periodically crash.


typedef typename UT_MakePtrConst<int *>::type ConstIntPtr;

It is safe to use this when the pointer type argument is already const. In that case, the resulting type will be equivalent to the input type.

Definition in file UT_MakePtrConst.h.