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Alembic::AbcGeom::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::OFaceSetSchema::Sample Class Reference

#include <OFaceSet.h>

Public Types

typedef Sample this_type

Public Member Functions

 Sample ()
 Sample (const Abc::Int32ArraySample &iFaceNums)
const Abc::Int32ArraySamplegetFaces () const
void setFaces (const Abc::Int32ArraySample &iFaces)
const Abc::Box3dgetSelfBounds () const
void setSelfBounds (const Abc::Box3d &iBnds)
void reset ()

Protected Attributes

Abc::Int32ArraySample m_faces
Abc::Box3d m_selfBounds

Detailed Description

Definition at line 64 of file OFaceSet.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Alembic::AbcGeom::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::OFaceSetSchema::Sample::Sample ( )

Creates a default sample with no data in it. ...

Definition at line 71 of file OFaceSet.h.

Alembic::AbcGeom::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::OFaceSetSchema::Sample::Sample ( const Abc::Int32ArraySample iFaceNums)

Creates a sample with the list of faces that are in this faceset. The array of face numbers MUST be ordered by face number. Code that reads and works with facesets depends on this for efficency. e.g. call std::sort (myVecOfFaces.begin (), myVecOfFaces.end ()); if you need to. The sample must be complete like this. Subsequent samples may also consist of faces which allows you to change of topology of the faceset.

Definition at line 82 of file OFaceSet.h.

Member Function Documentation

const Abc::Int32ArraySample& Alembic::AbcGeom::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::OFaceSetSchema::Sample::getFaces ( ) const

Definition at line 88 of file OFaceSet.h.

const Abc::Box3d& Alembic::AbcGeom::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::OFaceSetSchema::Sample::getSelfBounds ( ) const

Definition at line 93 of file OFaceSet.h.

void Alembic::AbcGeom::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::OFaceSetSchema::Sample::reset ( )

Definition at line 97 of file OFaceSet.h.

void Alembic::AbcGeom::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::OFaceSetSchema::Sample::setFaces ( const Abc::Int32ArraySample iFaces)

Definition at line 89 of file OFaceSet.h.

void Alembic::AbcGeom::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::OFaceSetSchema::Sample::setSelfBounds ( const Abc::Box3d iBnds)

Definition at line 94 of file OFaceSet.h.

Member Data Documentation

Abc::Int32ArraySample Alembic::AbcGeom::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::OFaceSetSchema::Sample::m_faces

Definition at line 105 of file OFaceSet.h.

Abc::Box3d Alembic::AbcGeom::ALEMBIC_VERSION_NS::OFaceSetSchema::Sample::m_selfBounds

Definition at line 108 of file OFaceSet.h.

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