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UT_PerfMonRecordOptions Class Reference

#include <UT_PerfMonRecordOptions.h>

Public Member Functions

 UT_PerfMonRecordOptions (bool cook_stats=true, bool solve_stats=true, bool node_draw_stats=true, bool node_gpu_draw_stats=false, bool viewport_stats=true, bool script_stats=true, bool render_stats=true, bool thread_stats=false, bool frame_stats=true, bool memory_stats=false, bool errors=true)
 UT_PerfMonRecordOptions (const UT_PerfMonRecordOptions &options)
 ~UT_PerfMonRecordOptions ()
bool recordCookStats () const
bool recordSolveStats () const
bool recordObjectDrawStats () const
bool recordObjectGPUDrawStats () const
bool recordViewportStats () const
bool recordScriptStats () const
bool recordRenderStats () const
bool recordThreadStats () const
bool recordFrameStats () const
bool recordMemoryStats () const
bool recordErrors () const
bool isRecordingTimedStats () const
void setRecordCookStats (bool record)
void setRecordSolveStats (bool record)
void setRecordObjectDrawStats (bool record)
void setRecordObjectGPUDrawStats (bool record)
void setRecordViewportStats (bool record)
void setRecordScriptStats (bool record)
void setRecordRenderStats (bool record)
void setRecordThreadStats (bool record)
void setRecordFrameStats (bool record)
void setRecordMemoryStats (bool record)
void setRecordErrors (bool record)
UT_PerfMonRecordOptionsoperator= (const UT_PerfMonRecordOptions &options)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file UT_PerfMonRecordOptions.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::UT_PerfMonRecordOptions ( bool  cook_stats = true,
bool  solve_stats = true,
bool  node_draw_stats = true,
bool  node_gpu_draw_stats = false,
bool  viewport_stats = true,
bool  script_stats = true,
bool  render_stats = true,
bool  thread_stats = false,
bool  frame_stats = true,
bool  memory_stats = false,
bool  errors = true 
UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::UT_PerfMonRecordOptions ( const UT_PerfMonRecordOptions options)
UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::~UT_PerfMonRecordOptions ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::isRecordingTimedStats ( ) const

Convenience method which returns true if the options are configured to record any time stats.

UT_PerfMonRecordOptions& UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::operator= ( const UT_PerfMonRecordOptions options)
bool UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::recordCookStats ( ) const
bool UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::recordErrors ( ) const
bool UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::recordFrameStats ( ) const
bool UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::recordMemoryStats ( ) const
bool UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::recordObjectDrawStats ( ) const
bool UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::recordObjectGPUDrawStats ( ) const
bool UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::recordRenderStats ( ) const
bool UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::recordScriptStats ( ) const
bool UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::recordSolveStats ( ) const
bool UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::recordThreadStats ( ) const
bool UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::recordViewportStats ( ) const
void UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::setRecordCookStats ( bool  record)
void UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::setRecordErrors ( bool  record)
void UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::setRecordFrameStats ( bool  record)
void UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::setRecordMemoryStats ( bool  record)
void UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::setRecordObjectDrawStats ( bool  record)
void UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::setRecordObjectGPUDrawStats ( bool  record)
void UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::setRecordRenderStats ( bool  record)
void UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::setRecordScriptStats ( bool  record)
void UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::setRecordSolveStats ( bool  record)
void UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::setRecordThreadStats ( bool  record)
void UT_PerfMonRecordOptions::setRecordViewportStats ( bool  record)

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