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UT_StringWrap Class Reference

#include <UT_String.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for UT_StringWrap:

Public Member Functions

 UT_StringWrap (const char *str=0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from UT_String
 UT_String (const char *str=0)
 Construct UT_String from a C string, using shallow semantics. More...
 UT_String (const char *str, int deepCopy, int len=-1)
 UT_String (const std::string &str)
 Construct UT_String from a std::string, always doing a deep copy. The result will only be a UT_AlwaysDeep if the appropriate version is used, however! More...
 UT_String (const UT_StringHolder &str)
 Construct UT_String from a UT_StringHolder. This always duplicates and uses ALWAYS_DEEP semantics. More...
 UT_String (const UT_StringView &sv)
 Construct UT_String from a UT_StringView. This always duplicates and uses ALWAYS_DEEP semantics. More...
 UT_String (UT_AlwaysDeepType, const char *str=0)
 Construct UT_String from a C string, using ALWAYS_DEEP semantics. More...
 UT_String (UT_AlwaysDeepType, const std::string &str)
 Construct UT_String from a std::string, using ALWAYS_DEEP semantics. More...
 UT_String (const UT_String &str)
 ~UT_String ()
void setAlwaysDeep (bool deep)
 Make a string always deep. More...
bool isAlwaysDeep () const
void swap (UT_String &other)
bool isHard () const
 Returns whether this string is hardened already. More...
char * steal (void)
void saveBinary (std::ostream &os) const
 Save string to binary stream. More...
void saveAscii (std::ostream &os) const
void saveAscii (UT_OStream &os) const
void save (std::ostream &os, bool binary) const
 Save string to stream. Saves as binary if binary is true. More...
void save (UT_OStream &os, bool binary) const
bool load (UT_IStream &is)
 Load string from stream. Use is.eof() to check eof status. More...
void clear ()
 Reset the string to the default constructor. More...
void append (char ch)
 Append a character. More...
void append (const char *str, exint len=-1)
 Append a string or a section of a string. More...
void removeLast ()
 Remove the last character. More...
void truncate (exint len)
 Truncate the string at the Nth character. More...
UT_Stringoperator= (const UT_String &str)
UT_Stringoperator= (const char *str)
UT_Stringoperator= (const std::string &str)
UT_Stringoperator= (const UT_StringHolder &str)
UT_Stringoperator= (const UT_StringView &str)
UT_Stringoperator+= (const char *str)
UT_Stringoperator+= (const UT_String &str)
UT_Stringoperator+= (const UT_StringRef &str)
int compare (const char *str, bool case_sensitive=true) const
int compare (const UT_String &str, bool case_sensitive=true) const
int compare (const UT_StringRef &str, bool case_sensitive=true) const
bool equal (const char *str, bool case_sensitive=true) const
bool equal (const UT_String &str, bool case_sensitive=true) const
bool equal (const UT_StringRef &str, bool case_sensitive=true) const
bool operator== (const char *str) const
bool operator== (const UT_String &str) const
bool operator== (const UT_StringRef &str) const
bool operator!= (const char *str) const
bool operator!= (const UT_String &str) const
bool operator!= (const UT_StringRef &str) const
bool operator< (const char *str) const
bool operator< (const UT_String &str) const
bool operator< (const UT_StringRef &str) const
bool operator<= (const char *str) const
bool operator<= (const UT_String &str) const
bool operator<= (const UT_StringRef &str) const
bool operator> (const char *str) const
bool operator> (const UT_String &str) const
bool operator> (const UT_StringRef &str) const
bool operator>= (const char *str) const
bool operator>= (const UT_String &str) const
bool operator>= (const UT_StringRef &str) const
SYS_SAFE_BOOL operator bool () const
 Test whether the string is defined or not. More...
int distance (const char *str, bool case_sensitive=true, bool allow_subst=true) const
 operator const char * () const
 operator char * ()
const char * c_str () const
const char * buffer () const
const char * nonNullBuffer () const
char operator() (unsigned i) const
char & operator() (unsigned i)
void write (unsigned i, char c)
int toInt () const
fpreal toFloat () const
std::string toStdString () const
unsigned length (void) const
 Return length of string. More...
int64 getMemoryUsage (bool inclusive=true) const
 Return memory usage in bytes. More...
char * findChar (int c) const
 Find first occurrance of character. Returns NULL upon failure. More...
char * lastChar (int c) const
 Find last occurance of character. More...
int countChar (int c) const
 Return the number of occurrences of the specified character. More...
int count (const char *str, bool case_sensitive=true) const
 Count the occurrences of the string. More...
char * findNonSpace () const
const char * findWord (const char *word) const
bool findString (const char *str, bool fullword, bool usewildcards) const
int changeWord (const char *from, const char *to, int all=1)
int changeString (const char *from, const char *to, bool fullword)
int changeQuotedWord (const char *from, const char *to, int quote= '`', int all=1)
int findLongestCommonSuffix (const char *with)
int substr (UT_String &buf, int index, int len=0) const
unsigned isFloat (int skip_spaces=0, int loose=0) const
 Determine if string can be seen as a single floating point number. More...
unsigned isInteger (int skip_spaces=0) const
 Determine if string can be seen as a single integer number. More...
void toUpper ()
void toLower ()
const char * fileName () const
const char * fileExtension () const
 Return the extension of a file path string. More...
bool matchFileExtension (const char *match_extension) const
UT_String pathUpToExtension () const
UT_String replaceExtension (const UT_String &new_ext) const
 Replace the file extension and return the new string. More...
void splitPath (UT_String &dir_name, UT_String &file_name) const
int parseNumberedFilename (UT_String &prefix, UT_String &frame, UT_String &suff, bool negative=true, bool fractional=false) const
bool isstring () const
int trimSpace (bool leaveSingleSpaceBetweenWords=false)
int trimBoundingSpace ()
int strip (const char *chars)
void protectString (bool protect_empty=false)
bool isQuotedString (char delimiter='\'') const
UT_String makeQuotedString (char delimiter='\'', bool escape_nonprinting=false) const
UT_String makeSmartQuotedString (char default_delimiter='\'', bool escape_nonprinting=false) const
void expandControlSequences (bool expand_extended=false)
bool hasWhiteSpace () const
void removeTrailingSpace ()
void removeTrailingChars (char chr)
void removeTrailingDigits ()
int cshParse (char *argv[], int maxArgs, void(*vlookup)(const char *, UT_String &)=UTvarLookup, void(*elookup)(const char *, UT_String &)=UTexprLookup, int *error=0, UT_StringCshIO *io=0)
int cshParse (UT_WorkArgs &argv, void(*vlookup)(const char *, UT_String &)=UTvarLookup, void(*elookup)(const char *, UT_String &)=UTexprLookup, int *error=0, UT_StringCshIO *io=0)
int dosParse (UT_WorkArgs &argv, bool preserve_backslashes=false)
int dosParse (char *argv[], int maxArgs, bool preserve_backslashes=false)
int parse (char *argv[], int maxArgs)
int parseInPlace (char *argv[], int maxArgs)
int parse (UT_WorkArgs &argv, int start_arg=0)
int parseInPlace (UT_WorkArgs &argv, int start_arg=0)
int tokenize (char *argv[], int maxArgs, char separator)
int tokenizeInPlace (char *argv[], int maxArgs, char separator)
int tokenize (UT_WorkArgs &argv, char separator)
int tokenizeInPlace (UT_WorkArgs &argv, char separator)
int tokenize (char *argv[], int maxArgs, const char *separators=" \t\n")
int tokenizeInPlace (char *argv[], int maxArgs, const char *separators=" \t\n")
int tokenize (UT_WorkArgs &argv, const char *separators=" \t\n")
int tokenizeInPlace (UT_WorkArgs &argv, const char *separators=" \t\n")
template<typename T >
int tokenize (T &list, const char *separators=" \t\n")
template<typename T >
int tokenizeInPlace (T &list, const char *separators=" \t\n")
void expandVariables ()
SYS_FORCE_INLINE uint32 hash () const
unsigned match (const char *pattern, int caseSensitive=1) const
unsigned matchFile (const char *pattern) const
unsigned matchPath (const char *pattern, int caseSensitive=1) const
unsigned multiMatch (const char *pattern, int caseSensitive, char separator) const
unsigned multiMatch (const char *pattern, int caseSensitive=1, const char *separators=", ", bool *explicitlyExcluded=0, int *matchIndex=0, ut_PatternRecord *pattern_record=NULL) const
unsigned multiMatch (const UT_StringMMPattern &pattern, bool *explicitlyExcluded=0, int *matchIndex=0, ut_PatternRecord *pattern_record=NULL) const
unsigned multiMatchRecord (const char *pattern, int maxpatterns, char *singles, int &nsingles, char **words, int &nwords, int case_sensitive=1, const char *separators=", ") const
unsigned multiMatchRecord (const UT_StringMMPattern &pattern, int maxpatterns, char *singles, int &nsingles, char **words, int &nwords) const
unsigned multiMatchRecord (const char *pattern, UT_StringHolder &singles, UT_StringArray &words, int case_sensitive=1, const char *separators=", ") const
bool matchPattern (const UT_WorkArgs &pattern_args, bool assume_match=false) const
bool contains (const char *pattern, bool case_sensitive=true) const
bool startsWith (const char *prefix, bool case_sensitive=true, exint len=-1) const
bool endsWith (const char *suffix, bool case_sensitive=true, exint len=-1) const
void pluralize ()
int traversePattern (int max, void *data, int(*func)(int num, int sec, void *data), unsigned int(*secfunc)(int num, void *data)=0, int offset=0) const
const char * fcontain (const char *pattern, bool case_sensitive=true) const
bool patternRename (const char *match_pattern, const char *replace)
const char * base (UT_String &buf) const
const char * suffix (void) const
void incrementNumberedName ()
std::ostream & setFormat (std::ostream &os)
int replacePrefix (const char *oldpref, const char *newpref)
int replaceSuffix (const char *oldsuffix, const char *newsuffix)
int expandArrays (char *names[], int max)
int format (int cols)
int substitute (const char *find, const char *replacement, bool all=true)
int substitute (char find, char replacement, bool all=true)
int replace (int pos, int len, const char *str)
int eraseHead (int len)
int eraseTail (int len)
int erase (int pos=0, int len=-1)
int insert (int pos, const char *str)
void extractProgramName (const char *path, bool strip_extension=true, bool normalize_path=true)
void normalizePath ()
void itoa (int64 i)
void utoa (uint64 i)
void itoa_pretty (int64 val)
void timeDeltaToPrettyString (double time_ms)
int sprintf (const char *fmt,...) SYS_PRINTF_CHECK_ATTRIBUTE(2
int int forceValidVariableName (const char *safechars=NULL)
bool isValidVariableName (const char *safechars=NULL) const
bool forceAlphaNumeric ()
void getRelativePath (const char *src_fullpath, const char *dest_fullpath)
bool isAbsolutePath (bool file_path=false) const
bool collapseAbsolutePath (bool file_path=false)
bool truncateMiddle (int max_length)
bool applyCshModifiers (const char *modifiers)
UT_String removeRange ()
void formatByteSize (exint size, int digits=2)
int getCodePointCount () const
void getAsCodePoints (UT_Int32Array &cp_list) const
 Returns a list of Unicode code points from this string. More...
 UT_String (UT_String &&str) SYS_NOEXCEPT
UT_Stringoperator= (UT_String &&str)
void harden ()
 Take shallow copy and make it deep. More...
void harden (const char *s, int len=-1)
 Take shallow copy and make it deep. More...
void hardenIfNeeded ()
 Take shallow copy and make it deep. More...
void hardenIfNeeded (const char *s)
 Take shallow copy and make it deep. More...
void adopt (char *s)
void adopt (UT_String &str)
void adopt (UT_StringHolder &holder)
void prepend (const char *prefix)
 Prepend a string (or character) More...
void prepend (char ch)
 Prepend a string (or character) More...
char * findChar (const char *str) const
 Find first occurrance of any character in str. More...
char * findChar (const UT_String &str) const
 Find first occurrance of any character in str. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from UT_String
enum  UT_AlwaysDeepType { ALWAYS_DEEP }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from UT_String
static int dosParse (char *buffer, UT_WorkArgs &args, bool preserve_backslashes)
static SYS_FORCE_INLINE uint32 hash (const char *str, uint32 code=0)
static int multiMatchCheck (const char *pattern)
static int wildcardMatchCheck (const char *pattern)
static std::ostream & setFormat (std::ostream &os, const char *fmt)
static int compareNumberedString (const char *s1, const char *s2, bool case_sensitive=true, bool allow_negatives=false)
static int qsortCmpNumberedString (const char *const *v1, const char *const *v2)
static int compareNumberedFilename (const char *s1, const char *s2, bool case_sensitive=false)
static int qsortCmpNumberedFilename (const char *const *v1, const char *const *v2)
static int compareVersionString (const char *s1, const char *s2)
static bool matchProgramName (const char *path, const char *expected, bool normalize_path=false)
static int itoa (char *str, int64 i)
static int utoa (char *str, uint64 i)
static int findLongestCommonPathPrefix (const char *fullpath1, int len1, const char *fullpath2, int len2)
static const UT_StringgetEmptyString ()
static int countCshModifiers (const char *src)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1296 of file UT_String.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UT_StringWrap::UT_StringWrap ( const char *  str = 0)

Definition at line 1300 of file UT_String.h.

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