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points Directory Reference
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file  AttributeArray.h [code]
 Attribute Array storage templated on type and compression codec.
file  AttributeArrayString.h [code]
 Attribute array storage for string data using Descriptor Metadata.
file  AttributeGroup.h [code]
 Attribute Group access and filtering for iteration.
file  AttributeSet.h [code]
 Set of Attribute Arrays which tracks metadata about each array.
file  IndexFilter.h [code]
 Index filters primarily designed to be used with a FilterIndexIter.
file  IndexIterator.h [code]
 Index Iterators.
file  PointAttribute.h [code]
 Point attribute manipulation in a VDB Point Grid.
file  PointConversion.h [code]
 Convert points and attributes to and from VDB Point Data grids.
file  PointCount.h [code]
 Various point counting methods using a VDB Point Grid.
file  PointDataGrid.h [code]
 Attribute-owned data structure for points. Point attributes are stored in leaf nodes and ordered by voxel for fast random and sequential access.
file  PointGroup.h [code]
 Point group manipulation in a VDB Point Grid.
file  StreamCompression.h [code]
 Convenience wrappers to using Blosc and reading and writing of Paged data.