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IMG_PSDLayerRecords Struct Reference

#include <IMG_FilePSD.h>

Public Member Functions

bool isLayerAFolder ()

Public Attributes

int myTop
int myLeft
int myBottom
int myRight
uint16 myChannelsCount
UT_SortedMap< PSD_ChannelType,
UT_Array< intmyChannelInfoInsertionOrder
uint8 myBlendSignature [4]
uint8 myBlendKey [4]
uint8 myOpacity
uint8 myClipping
uint8 myFlags
uint32 myExtraDataLength
IMG_PSDLayerMaskData myLayerMaskData
UT_String myLayerName
PSD_LayerGroupType myLayerGroupType
uint8 myLayerNameLength
bool myLayerHasRGBAData

Detailed Description

Definition at line 471 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool IMG_PSDLayerRecords::isLayerAFolder ( )

Definition at line 534 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

Member Data Documentation

uint8 IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myBlendKey[4]

Definition at line 492 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

uint8 IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myBlendSignature[4]

Definition at line 488 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

int IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myBottom

Definition at line 475 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

UT_SortedMap<PSD_ChannelType, IMG_PSDChannelInfo> IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myChannelInfo

Definition at line 481 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

UT_Array<int> IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myChannelInfoInsertionOrder

Definition at line 485 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

uint16 IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myChannelsCount

Definition at line 478 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

uint8 IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myClipping

Definition at line 498 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

uint32 IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myExtraDataLength

Definition at line 511 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

uint8 IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myFlags

Definition at line 504 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

PSD_LayerGroupType IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myLayerGroupType

Definition at line 522 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

bool IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myLayerHasRGBAData

Definition at line 530 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

IMG_PSDLayerMaskData IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myLayerMaskData

Definition at line 513 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

UT_String IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myLayerName

Definition at line 516 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

uint8 IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myLayerNameLength

Definition at line 526 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

int IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myLeft

Definition at line 475 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

uint8 IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myOpacity

Definition at line 495 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

int IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myRight

Definition at line 475 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

int IMG_PSDLayerRecords::myTop

Definition at line 475 of file IMG_FilePSD.h.

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