Houdini 17.0 Shelf tools Rigid Bodies tab

RBD Ragdolls shelf tool

Adds agent primitives to a Bullet simulation.

This tool creates an RBD Packed Object DOP containing the selected agent primitives. The Bullet solver will use the current collision layer of each agent to determine the RBD objects that should be simulated.

If the geometry contains the joint limit point attributes set up by Agent Configure Joints, a constraint network will be set up with the appropriate constraints to enforce the joint limits.

Using RBD Ragdoll Object

  1. Create an agent primitive using, for example, the Agent tool or the Agent SOP.

  2. Set up the collision layer and joint limits for the agent using, for example, the Collision Layer and Configure Joints tools.

  3. If desired, create a number of instances of the agent using, for example, the Populate tool.

  4. Select the geometry containing the agent primitives and click the RBD Ragdoll Object tool on the Rigid Bodies tab.

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