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GT_PrimPolygonMesh.h File Reference
#include "GT_API.h"
#include "GT_Primitive.h"
#include "GT_CountArray.h"
#include "GT_FaceSetMap.h"
#include "GT_AttributeMerge.h"
#include <GA/GA_Names.h>
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class  GT_PrimPolygonMesh
 A mesh of polygons. More...


#define GT_DEFAULT_CUSP_ANGLE   60.0
 Note this is all just copied from GEO_Normal. More...

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Magic tolerance factor of 1.001 on GT_DEFAULT_CUSP_ANGLE so that hexagonal tubes will be smooth by default, even with a bit of roundoff or slight deformation.

Definition at line 32 of file GT_PrimPolygonMesh.h.

#define GT_DEFAULT_CUSP_ANGLE   60.0

Note this is all just copied from GEO_Normal.

Definition at line 27 of file GT_PrimPolygonMesh.h.