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17.0: Major Changes In The HDK

GA_PrimitiveJSON API

The getKeyword() method was changed to return a const reference to a UT_StringHolder instead of a naket const char *. UT_StringHolder maintains a hash, which means keywords don't have to be hashed while loading geometry, improving performance.

Please see the tetprim HDK example for the new usage.

Conversion APIs to std::vector

The methods one UT_StringArray, UT_Array, UT_Vector3, and UT_Vector4 for converting between std::vector variants have been factored out into UT_StdUtil.h. Please look for these missing methods in UT_StdUtil.h, which are now reformulated as free-standing functions.

UT_String data members

Various UT_String class data members in the PRM and OP libraries have been converted to be UT_StringHolder. As a result, the accessors for these data members have now changed signatures to reflect this.

UT_IStream sub-streams.

The UT_IStream member functions for returning substreams or decompression streams now return a UT_UniquePtr instead of a raw pointer.


The interface for GT_AttributeList::createAttributeList() has been improved so that the trailing nullptr argument is no longer necessary. It is now a syntax error if it's called with an odd number of arguments.