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Getting Data In and Out of Houdini

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There are many different types of data which can be imported and exported from Houdini.

See Also

Geometry Data

Image Data

Houdini's image library

3D Texture Images

Using IMG3D_Manager is is possible to read and write Houdini's 3D texture files.

Channel Data

Lookup Tables

  • Lookup Tables (LUTs)
    Using the LUTio table and an external script/program to convert a foreign 3D LUT format into a Houdini LUT, so the foreign LUT is recognized in Houdini.

Stream Motion Capture Data Using the Mocap Stream SOP

Using the Mocap Stream SOP, it is possible to stream data into Houdini from motion capture applications natively supported by Houdini. By writing subclasses of MC_MocapStreamImpl, it is possible to stream data into Houdini from any motion capture application that supports UDP or TCP based data streaming.