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attributeSpec.h File Reference
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class  SdfAttributeSpec


SDF_API bool SdfJustCreatePrimAttributeInLayer (const SdfLayerHandle &layer, const SdfPath &attrPath, const SdfValueTypeName &typeName, SdfVariability variability=SdfVariabilityVarying, bool isCustom=false)

Function Documentation

SDF_API bool SdfJustCreatePrimAttributeInLayer ( const SdfLayerHandle &  layer,
const SdfPath attrPath,
const SdfValueTypeName typeName,
SdfVariability  variability = SdfVariabilityVarying,
bool  isCustom = false 

Convenience function to create an attributeSpec on a primSpec at the given path, and any necessary parent primSpecs, in the given layer.

If an attributeSpec already exists at the given path, just author typeName, variability, and custom according to passed arguments and return true.

Any newly created prim specs have SdfSpecifierOver and an empty type (as if created by SdfJustCreatePrimInLayer()). attrPath must be a valid prim property path (see SdfPath::IsPrimPropertyPath()). Return false and issue an error if we fail to author the required scene description.