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CL_Track Member List

This is the complete list of members for CL_Track, including all inherited members.

aliasTrack(CL_Track &track)CL_Track
blend(fpreal start, const fpreal *values, int len, fpreal base, const CL_SubRange *effect, fpreal cycle)CL_Track
blend(fpreal start, const fpreal *values, int len, fpreal base, const CL_Track *effect_track, fpreal cycle)CL_Track
CL_AsciiClipReader classCL_Trackfriend
CL_AsciiClipWriter classCL_Trackfriend
CL_BinaryClipReader classCL_Trackfriend
CL_BinaryClipWriter classCL_Trackfriend
CL_Clip classCL_Trackfriend
CL_Track(CL_Clip &dad, const CL_Track &from)CL_Track
CL_Track(CL_Clip &dad, const UT_StringHolder &name)CL_Track
CL_Track(const CL_Track &from)=deleteCL_Track
constant(fpreal value=0)CL_Track
convolve(const CL_Track &t1, const CL_Track &t2, int add=0)CL_Track
convolveCenter(fpreal *data2, int n2, int passes=1)CL_Track
convolveCenterDirect(fpreal *data2, int n2, int passes)CL_Track
copyStamp(const CL_Track &t1, fpreal toffset, int clr)CL_Track
cycle(int howmany)CL_Track
despike(fpreal tol, fpreal effect=1.0, int maxwidth=1)CL_Track
dupAttributes(const CL_Track *, int data_too=0, int name_too=0)CL_Track
fastConvolve(int chunk, fpreal *data)CL_Track
fixName(const UT_StringHolder &old)CL_Trackstatic
getClip() const CL_Trackinline
getData() const CL_Trackinline
getDataCapacity() const CL_Trackinline
getDefault() const CL_Trackinline
getExtendCond(CL_TrackOutside &left, CL_TrackOutside &right) const CL_Track
getIndex() const CL_Track
getLeft() const CL_Track
getMemoryUsage(bool inclusive) const CL_Track
getName() const CL_Trackinline
getNameBaseHash() const CL_Trackinline
getNameBaseLength() const CL_Trackinline
getNameComposition(const UT_StringRef &name, unsigned short &base_length, unsigned short &base_hash)CL_Trackstatic
getNameHash() const CL_Trackinline
getNameNumber() const CL_Trackinline
getRight() const CL_Track
getThresholdTimes(fpreal thresh, UT_FprealArray &toffsets, UT_FprealArray &values) const CL_Track
getTrackLength() const CL_Trackinline
info(fpreal t, const char *prefix=0, const char *suffix=0) const CL_Track
init(CL_Clip &dad, const UT_StringHolder &name)CL_Track
isAliased() const CL_Trackinline
isTimeDependent() const CL_Track
isWithinRange(fpreal low, fpreal hi, int completely=1) const CL_Track
limitValue(fpreal max, fpreal min, CL_TrackLimitMethod method, fpreal v)CL_Trackstatic
limitValues(fpreal max, fpreal min, CL_TrackLimitMethod method, int start, int end)CL_Track
operator=(const CL_Track &from)CL_Track
pitchShift(fpreal shift, int chunk, const CL_Track *animate=0, fpreal(*callback)(void *, int, int)=0, void *node=0)CL_Track
quantizeValue(fpreal max, fpreal min, CL_QuantizeValueMethod method, fpreal step, fpreal offset, int clamp, int start, int end)CL_Track
resample(const fpreal *values, int num, CL_TrackResampleMethod method, int constant_area, int iscycle=0, fpreal cycle=0)CL_Track
resample(fpreal *data, int size, int start, int end, CL_TrackResampleMethod method, int constant_area, int iscycle=0, fpreal cycle=0) const CL_Track
setDefault(fpreal value)CL_Track
setLeft(CL_TrackOutside type)CL_Track
setName(const UT_StringHolder &name)CL_Track
setRight(CL_TrackOutside type)CL_Track
smoothRotate(fpreal delta=180.0)CL_Track
swapData(CL_Track &track)CL_Track