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GA_Basis Member List

This is the complete list of members for GA_Basis, including all inherited members.

append(fpreal v)GA_Basisinline
attach(const GA_Basis &b, bool overlap=true, bool spread=false)=0GA_Basispure virtual
checkValid(int cvLen, int bLen, bool doesWrap) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
checkValid(int cvLen, bool doesWrap) const GA_Basisinline
chord(UT_Vector4Array &cvs)=0GA_Basispure virtual
computeBValue(int index, fpreal u) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
computeRaiseOrderAlphas(int increment, fpreal bezalfs[][GA_MAXORDER]) const GA_Basis
copyFrom(const GA_Basis &b, bool compatible=false)GA_Basisvirtual
doMerge(GA_KnotVector &avec, const GA_KnotVector &bvec, GA_KnotVector *inserts=0)GA_Basisprotectedstatic
evalDerivativeMatrix(fpreal u, int offset, int deriv, fpreal64 bmatx[][GA_MAXORDER]) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
evalDerivativeMatrix(fpreal u, int offset, int deriv, fpreal32 bmatx[][GA_MAXORDER]) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
evalInterval(fpreal u, int offset, int deriv, fpreal64 *vals) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
evalInterval(fpreal u, int offset, int deriv, fpreal32 *vals) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
findApproximate(fpreal val, int startidx, fpreal tol=theBasisTolerance) const GA_Basis
findClosest(fpreal val, int &idx, int startidx, int endidx) const GA_Basis
findMaxSpan(int start, int stop) const GA_Basis
findOffset(fpreal k, int startIdx=0) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
findStartOffset(fpreal u, int uoffset) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
GA_Basis(const GA_Basis &src)GA_Basis
GA_BASIS_ADAPT_NONE enum valueGA_Basis
getBreakCount() const =0GA_Basispure virtual
getBreakpoints(GA_KnotVector &a, fpreal tol=theBasisTolerance) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
getCvRangeOfBreakpoint(int bkp, int &startcv, int &stopcv) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
getCvRangeOfDomain(int ustartidx, int ustopidx, int &start_cv, int &end_cv) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
getCvRangeOfDomain(fpreal ustart, fpreal ustop, int &start_cv, int &end_cv) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
getData() const GA_Basisinlineprotected
getDimension() const =0GA_Basispure virtual
getEndMultiplicity() const GA_Basisvirtual
getGreville(int idx, bool clamp=true, bool wrap=false) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
getKnotVector() const GA_Basisinline
getLength() const GA_Basisinline
getMemoryUsage(bool inclusive) const GA_Basisinlinevirtual
getMultiplicities(UT_IntArray &arr) const GA_Basis
getMultiplicity(fpreal u, int &uidx) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
getOrder() const GA_Basisinline
getType() const =0GA_Basispure virtual
getTypeName() const =0GA_Basispure virtual
getValidInterval(int &a, int &b) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
getValidRange(fpreal &a, fpreal &b) const GA_Basis
getVector() const GA_Basisinline
grow(bool wrapped=false)=0GA_Basispure virtual
insertKnot(fpreal v, int i)GA_Basisinline
isEqual(const GA_Basis &basis) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
jsonLoad(UT_JSONParser &p)GA_Basis
jsonLoad(UT_JSONParser &p, const UT_JSONValue &v)GA_Basis
jsonSave(UT_JSONWriter &w) const GA_Basis
jsonSave(UT_JSONValue &v) const GA_Basis
knotToBreakpoint(int &kidx, int a, int b) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
loadH9(UT_IStream &is, int cvs, bool wrapped)=0GA_Basispure virtual
makeUniform(fpreal ustep=1)=0GA_Basispure virtual
map(const GA_Basis &b)GA_Basis
map(GA_KnotVector &knots, const GA_KnotVector &src, fpreal newlen=1, const fpreal *neworig=0)GA_Basisstatic
map(fpreal newlen=1, const fpreal *neworig=0)GA_Basisinline
map(const GA_Basis &b, fpreal &u, int uoffset=0) const GA_Basis
merge(const GA_Basis &b)GA_Basis
merge(GA_Basis &b)GA_Basis
newSpecies(GA_BASIS_TYPE type)GA_Basisstatic
normalize(fpreal scale=0, const fpreal *neworig=0)GA_Basis
realToUnit(fpreal u_real, bool valid_interval=true) const GA_Basis
rebuild(fpreal ustart=0, fpreal ustep=1)=0GA_Basispure virtual
remove(int i)GA_Basisinline
reset()=0GA_Basispure virtual
resize(int sz)GA_Basis
reverse(bool wrapped)=0GA_Basispure virtual
saveH9(std::ostream &os, bool wrapped, bool binary) const =0GA_Basispure virtual
setOrder(int ord)GA_Basisinline
setWrapping(bool wrap)=0GA_Basispure virtual
shrink(bool wrapped=false)=0GA_Basispure virtual
slideRange(fpreal umin, fpreal umax, fpreal ubias=0.5)=0GA_Basispure virtual
testForNan() const GA_Basis
unitToReal(fpreal u_unit, bool valid_interval=true) const GA_Basis
validate(int adapt=GA_Basis::GA_BASIS_ADAPT_NONE)=0GA_Basispure virtual