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GU_AgentXformT< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for GU_AgentXformT< T >, including all inherited members.

addScaled(T s, const type &xform)GU_AgentXformT< T >inline
concat(T t, const type &xform)GU_AgentXformT< T >inline
getMatrix4(UT_Matrix4T< T > &m) const GU_AgentXformT< T >inline
getTransform(S &tx, S &ty, S &tz, S &rx, S &ry, S &rz, S &sx, S &sy, S &sz) const GU_AgentXformT< T >inline
GU_AgentXformT()=defaultGU_AgentXformT< T >
GU_AgentXformT(T scale)GU_AgentXformT< T >inlineexplicit
GU_AgentXformT(const GU_AgentXformT< S > &other)GU_AgentXformT< T >inlineexplicit
identity()GU_AgentXformT< T >inline
rotate() const GU_AgentXformT< T >inline
setLerp(const type &a, const type &b, T t)GU_AgentXformT< T >inline
setLerpAligned(const type &a, const type &b, T t)GU_AgentXformT< T >inline
setMatrix4(const UT_Matrix4T< T > &m)GU_AgentXformT< T >inline
setMatrix4(const UT_Matrix4T< T > &m, const UT_QuaternionT< T > &ref)GU_AgentXformT< T >inline
setTransform(T tx, T ty, T tz, T rx, T ry, T rz, T sx, T sy, T sz)GU_AgentXformT< T >inline
setTransform(const UT_Vector3T< T > &t, const UT_QuaternionT< T > &r, const UT_Vector3T< T > &s)GU_AgentXformT< T >inline
stretch() const GU_AgentXformT< T >inline
translate() const GU_AgentXformT< T >inline
type typedefGU_AgentXformT< T >
zero()GU_AgentXformT< T >inline