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GU_Fur Member List

This is the complete list of members for GU_Fur, including all inherited members.

addError(const UT_String &str)=0GU_Furpure virtual
addWarning(const UT_String &str)=0GU_Furpure virtual
generate(UT_OpCaller *caller, GU_Detail *gdp, const UT_IntArray &skinprims, fpreal display, bool limit_to_bounds, const UT_BoundingBox &bounds, bool use_closest_clump, bool remove_unclumped, bool remove_unguided, GU_FurCurveType type, GA_AttributeOwner skinowner, GA_AttributeOwner guideowner, bool interruptable)GU_Fur
getBoundingBox(UT_BoundingBox &box, int pr, fpreal preblur, fpreal postblur) const GU_Fur
GU_Fur(const GU_Detail *skin, const GU_Detail *guides, const GU_Detail *clumps, const GU_Detail *partinglines, int seed, fpreal density, fpreal length, fpreal guideradius, fpreal clumpradius, fpreal partingradius, const UT_String &skin_shader, const UT_String &guide_shader, const UT_String &skin_attribs, const UT_String &guide_attribs, bool set_id)GU_Fur
initialize(int nvertices)GU_Fur