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GU_IOJSON Member List

This is the complete list of members for GU_IOJSON, including all inherited members.

checkByteMagic(uint8 first_byte, const GA_LoadOptions *opts) const overrideGA_IOJSON
checkFilename(const char *filename, const GA_SaveOptions *opts) const overrideGA_IOJSON
checkFilename(const char *filename, const GA_LoadOptions *opts) const overrideGA_IOJSON
finishLoad(GA_Detail &gdp, const GA_LoadMap &map) const overrideGU_IOJSONprotectedvirtual
getLabel() const overrideGA_IOJSON
getToken() const overrideGA_IOJSON
isGzExtension(const char *filename)GA_IOJSONstatic
isScExtension(const char *filename)GA_IOJSONstatic
jsonLoadExtra(GA_Detail &gdp, UT_JSONParser &p, const char *token, const GA_LoadMap &map) const overrideGU_IOJSONprotectedvirtual
jsonSaveExtra(const GA_Detail &gdp, UT_JSONWriter &w, const GA_SaveMap &map) const overrideGU_IOJSONprotectedvirtual
readCheckCompressed() const overrideGA_IOJSONinlineprotected
readCheckStdin() const overrideGA_IOJSONinlineprotected
readJSON(GA_Detail &g, UT_JSONParser &p, const GA_LoadOptions *options) const GA_IOJSON
readStream(GA_Detail &g, UT_IStream &is, const GA_LoadOptions *opts, UT_StringArray *errors) const overrideGA_IOJSON
statJSON(UT_JSONParser &p, GA_Stat &stat, uint level) const GA_IOJSON
statStream(UT_IStream &is, GA_Stat &stat, uint stat_level) const overrideGA_IOJSON
writeCheckStdout() const overrideGA_IOJSONinlineprotected
writeFile(const GA_Detail &g, const char *filename, const GA_SaveOptions *opts, UT_StringArray *errors) const overrideGA_IOJSON
writeJSON(const GA_Detail &g, UT_JSONWriter &w, const GA_SaveOptions *options) const GA_IOJSON
writeStream(const GA_Detail &g, std::ostream &os, bool binary, const GA_SaveOptions *opts, UT_StringArray *errors) const overrideGA_IOJSON
~GU_IOJSON() overrideGU_IOJSONinline