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GU_Surfacer Member List

This is the complete list of members for GU_Surfacer, including all inherited members.

addCell(int x, int y, int z, const fpreal density[8], const UT_Vector3 gradient[8])GU_Surfacer
getStepSize() const GU_Surfacerinline
GU_Surfacer(GU_Detail &gdp, const UT_Vector3 &pos, const UT_Vector3 &size, int xdivs, int ydivs, int zdivs, bool do_normals, bool makepolysoup=false)GU_Surfacer
pointAdded(GEO_Detail *gdp, GA_Offset ptoff, int idx0, int idx1, fpreal u)GU_Surfacerinlineprotectedvirtual
polygonize(Evaluator &eval)GU_Surfacer
primitiveAdded(GEO_Primitive *primitive)GU_Surfacerinlineprotectedvirtual