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HdxPickResult Member List

This is the complete list of members for HdxPickResult, including all inherited members.

HdxPickResult(int const *primIds, int const *instanceIds, int const *elementIds, int const *edgeIds, int const *pointIds, int const *neyes, float const *depths, HdRenderIndex const *index, TfToken const &pickTarget, GfMatrix4d const &viewMatrix, GfMatrix4d const &projectionMatrix, GfVec2f const &depthRange, GfVec2i const &bufferSize, GfVec4i const &subRect)HdxPickResult
HdxPickResult(HdxPickResult &&)HdxPickResult
IsValid() const HdxPickResult
operator=(HdxPickResult &&)HdxPickResult
ResolveAll(HdxPickHitVector *allHits) const HdxPickResult
ResolveNearestToCamera(HdxPickHitVector *allHits) const HdxPickResult
ResolveNearestToCenter(HdxPickHitVector *allHits) const HdxPickResult
ResolveUnique(HdxPickHitVector *allHits) const HdxPickResult