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IMG_Plane Member List

This is the complete list of members for IMG_Plane, including all inherited members.

dump() const IMG_Plane
dump(UT_JSONWriter &w) const IMG_Plane
getBlackWhitePoints(int64 &b, int64 &w) const IMG_Plane
getColorModel() const IMG_Plane
getColorSpace() const IMG_Plane
getColorSpaceGamma() const IMG_Plane
getComponentCount() const IMG_Planeinline
getComponentName(int comp) const IMG_Plane
getDataType() const IMG_Plane
getMemoryUsage(bool inclusive) const IMG_Plane
getName() const IMG_Plane
getPixelSize() const IMG_Plane
getPlaneIndex() const IMG_Planeinline
getTypeInfo() const IMG_Plane
hasBlackWhitePoints() const IMG_Plane
IMG_Plane(const IMG_Plane &p)IMG_Plane
IMG_Plane(const char *name, IMG_DataType dt, IMG_ColorModel cm, int index)IMG_Plane
IMG_Stat classIMG_Planefriend
setBlackWhitePoints(int64 b, int64 w)IMG_Plane
setColorModel(IMG_ColorModel cm)IMG_Plane
setColorSpace(PXL_ColorSpace cs, fpreal gamma=0.0)IMG_Plane
setComponentName(int comp, const char *name)IMG_Plane
setComponentNames(const char *c1, const char *c2=0, const char *c3=0, const char *c4=0)IMG_Plane
setDataType(IMG_DataType dt)IMG_Plane
setName(const char *name)IMG_Plane
setTypeInfo(IMG_TypeInfo ti)IMG_Plane