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PRM_RefId Member List

This is the complete list of members for PRM_RefId, including all inherited members.

getAlias(const PRM_ParmList &parmlist, UT_String &alias) const PRM_RefId
getParmRef() const PRM_RefIdinline
getParmSubIndex() const PRM_RefIdinline
getToken(const PRM_ParmList &parmlist, UT_String &token) const PRM_RefId
hash() const PRM_RefIdinline
isValid() const PRM_RefIdinline
matches(const PRM_RefId &other) const PRM_RefIdinline
operator=(const PRM_RefId &copy)=defaultPRM_RefId
operator==(const PRM_RefId &other) const PRM_RefIdinline
PRM_RefId(int pi, int vi)PRM_RefIdinline
PRM_RefId(const PRM_RefId &copy)=defaultPRM_RefId
setParmRef(int parm_index, int sub_index=-1)PRM_RefIdinline
setParmSubIndex(int sub_index)PRM_RefIdinline