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SYS_AtomicInt< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for SYS_AtomicInt< T >, including all inherited members.

add(T val)SYS_AtomicInt< T >inline
compare_swap(T expected, T desired)SYS_AtomicInt< T >inline
exchange(T val)SYS_AtomicInt< T >inline
exchangeAdd(T val)SYS_AtomicInt< T >inline
load(SYS_MemoryOrder order=SYS_MEMORY_ORDER_SEQ_CST) const SYS_AtomicInt< T >inline
maximum(T val)SYS_AtomicInt< T >inline
minimum(T val)SYS_AtomicInt< T >inline
relaxedLoad() const SYS_AtomicInt< T >inline
relaxedStore(T val)SYS_AtomicInt< T >inline
store(T val, SYS_MemoryOrder order=SYS_MEMORY_ORDER_SEQ_CST)SYS_AtomicInt< T >inline
SYS_AtomicInt(T value=0)SYS_AtomicInt< T >inlineexplicit
SYS_AtomicInt(SYS_EmptyConstructor)SYS_AtomicInt< T >inline