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UT_FitCubicT< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for UT_FitCubicT< T >, including all inherited members.

calcCubic(Vector2 *V, fpreal t)UT_FitCubicT< T >static
containsCurve()UT_FitCubicT< T >inline
CubicCurve typedefUT_FitCubicT< T >
fitCurve(Vector2 *d, int nPts, int closed, fpreal error2, bool preserveExtrema)UT_FitCubicT< T >
getFirstSpan() const UT_FitCubicT< T >inline
numSpans() const UT_FitCubicT< T >inline
setCurveType(utCurveType type)UT_FitCubicT< T >inline
setType(utFitType type)UT_FitCubicT< T >inline
UT_FitCubicT()UT_FitCubicT< T >
Vector2 typedefUT_FitCubicT< T >
~UT_FitCubicT()UT_FitCubicT< T >