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UT_Guid Member List

This is the complete list of members for UT_Guid, including all inherited members.

getString(UT_String &str) const UT_Guid
getString(UT_StringHolder &str) const UT_Guid
getString(UT_WorkBuffer &str) const UT_Guid
hash() const UT_Guidinline
operator!=(const UT_Guid &cmp) const UT_Guid
operator<<(std::ostream &os, const UT_Guid &guid)UT_Guidfriend
operator=(const UT_Guid &src)UT_Guid
operator==(const UT_Guid &cmp) const UT_Guid
readAscii(UT_IStream &is)UT_Guid
readBinary(UT_IStream &is)UT_Guid
sessionId() const UT_Guid
setString(const char *str)UT_Guid
theBinarySize enum valueUT_Guid
theStringSize enum valueUT_Guid
UT_Guid(const UT_Guid &src)UT_Guid
UT_GuidHash classUT_Guidfriend
writeBinary(std::ostream &os) const UT_Guid