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basic_format_arg< Context > Member List

This is the complete list of members for basic_format_arg< Context >, including all inherited members.

basic_format_arg()basic_format_arg< Context >inline
basic_format_args< Context > classbasic_format_arg< Context >friend
detail::arg_databasic_format_arg< Context >friend
detail::make_arg(const T &value) -> basic_format_arg< ContextType >basic_format_arg< Context >friend
dynamic_format_arg_store< Context > classbasic_format_arg< Context >friend
is_arithmetic() const -> boolbasic_format_arg< Context >inline
is_integral() const -> boolbasic_format_arg< Context >inline
operator bool() const FMT_NOEXCEPTbasic_format_arg< Context >inlineexplicit
type() const -> detail::typebasic_format_arg< Context >inline
visit_format_arg(Visitor &&vis, const basic_format_arg< Ctx > &arg) -> decltype(vis(0))basic_format_arg< Context >friend