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basic_format_args< Context > Member List

This is the complete list of members for basic_format_args< Context >, including all inherited members.

args_basic_format_args< Context >
basic_format_args()basic_format_args< Context >inline
basic_format_args(const format_arg_store< Context, Args...> &store)basic_format_args< Context >inline
basic_format_args(const dynamic_format_arg_store< Context > &store)basic_format_args< Context >inline
basic_format_args(const format_arg *args, int count)basic_format_args< Context >inline
format_arg typedefbasic_format_args< Context >
get(int id) const -> format_argbasic_format_args< Context >inline
get(basic_string_view< Char > name) const -> format_argbasic_format_args< Context >inline
get_id(basic_string_view< Char > name) const -> intbasic_format_args< Context >inline
max_size() const -> intbasic_format_args< Context >inline
size_type typedefbasic_format_args< Context >
values_basic_format_args< Context >