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iterator_buffer< T *, T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for iterator_buffer< T *, T >, including all inherited members.

append(const U *begin, const U *end)buffer< T >
begin() FMT_NOEXCEPT-> T *buffer< T >inline
begin() const FMT_NOEXCEPT-> const T *buffer< T >inline
buffer(size_t sz) FMT_NOEXCEPTbuffer< T >inlineprotected
buffer(T *p=nullptr, size_t sz=0, size_t cap=0) FMT_NOEXCEPTbuffer< T >inlineprotected
buffer(buffer &&)=defaultbuffer< T >protected
buffer(const buffer &)=deletebuffer< T >
capacity() const FMT_NOEXCEPT-> size_tbuffer< T >inline
clear()buffer< T >inline
const_reference typedefbuffer< T >
data() FMT_NOEXCEPT-> T *buffer< T >inline
data() const FMT_NOEXCEPT-> const T *buffer< T >inline
end() FMT_NOEXCEPT-> T *buffer< T >inline
end() const FMT_NOEXCEPT-> const T *buffer< T >inline
grow(size_t) final FMT_OVERRIDEiterator_buffer< T *, T >inlineprotectedvirtual
iterator_buffer(T *out, size_t=0)iterator_buffer< T *, T >inlineexplicit
operator=(const buffer &)=deletebuffer< T >
operator[](I index) -> T &buffer< T >inline
operator[](I index) const -> const T &buffer< T >inline
out() -> T *iterator_buffer< T *, T >inline
push_back(const T &value)buffer< T >inline
set(T *buf_data, size_t buf_capacity) FMT_NOEXCEPTbuffer< T >inlineprotected
size() const FMT_NOEXCEPT-> size_tbuffer< T >inline
try_reserve(size_t new_capacity)buffer< T >inline
try_resize(size_t count)buffer< T >inline
value_type typedefbuffer< T >
~buffer()=defaultbuffer< T >protected