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UT::BVHQueryInfLine< NAXES > Member List

This is the complete list of members for UT::BVHQueryInfLine< NAXES >, including all inherited members.

boxHitAndDist2(const BoxType &boxes, const FloatType max_dist_squared, const uint internal_node_num, v4uf &dist2) const UT::BVHQueryInfLine< NAXES >inline
BoxType typedefUT::BVHQueryInfLine< NAXES >
BVHQueryInfLine(const TS &p0, const TS &dir)UT::BVHQueryInfLine< NAXES >inline
FloatType typedefUT::BVHQueryInfLine< NAXES >
isValid(uint tree_point_index) const UT::BVHQueryInfLine< NAXES >inline
myDirUT::BVHQueryInfLine< NAXES >
myP0UT::BVHQueryInfLine< NAXES >
myVDirUT::BVHQueryInfLine< NAXES >
myVP0UT::BVHQueryInfLine< NAXES >
queryDistance2(const TS &tree_point, const RADIUS_ARRAY &radii, uint index) const UT::BVHQueryInfLine< NAXES >inline
theAllPointsValidUT::BVHQueryInfLine< NAXES >static