Houdini Engine 5.0
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Geo (SOP) nodes are Houdini's geometry container nodes. They don't contain geometry directly, instead, they contain parts. See Parts.


Given a HAPI_NodeId that represents an SOP node, you can get the HAPI_GeoInfo via HAPI_GetGeoInfo() with that node id.

Usually, after querying the object nodes inside an asset, you just want to get the display SOP, the SOP used as the "final geometry". To do this quickly, given the object node's HAPI_NodeId, call HAPI_GetDisplayGeoInfo().

The main reason to get the HAPI_GeoInfo is to see how many parts the geo has and start fetching their mesh data and attributes. See Parts.


There are some special nodes of interest as well. The one HAPI knows about out-of-the-box is the Curve SOP. To get all the curve SOP nodes inside an OBJ node, use the HAPI_ComposeChildNodeList() API again, but this time use the HAPI_NODEFLAGS_SOP_CURVE filter. See Curves.


You can also find all editable nodes using HAPI_ComposeChildNodeList() on the object node and the HAPI_NODEFLAGS_EDITABLE. This can be used to insert modifications in the middle of a network. See Intermediate Asset Results.