Houdini Engine 6.0
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The Houdini Engine for Unity plugin currently supports Unity 2017.4 LTS and newer versions.

The regular Houdini installer includes Houdini Engine. You do not need to install both Houdini and Houdini Engine. You should only really install Houdini Engine (via the houdini-engine installer) if you only want Houdini Engine functionality and do not need to use Houdini itself or you only have a Houdini Engine license.

Fastest way to get the plugin working inside your Unity project:

  1. Download and launch the houdini installer.
  2. Follow the steps and make sure to select the Houdini Engine for Unity option on the Houdini Engine installer screen.
  3. Install/launch Unity with a Unity project you wish to use Houdini Engine on.
  4. In Unity, go to Assets > Import Package > Custom Package...
  5. Navigate to your Houdini installation. The plugin package will be located at:
    Houdini installation\engine\unity\
  6. Select the HoudiniEngineUnity.unitypackage file for import and import everything inside.
  7. You should see the Houdini Engine Unity menu in the top menu bar but just to be safe, restart Unity.


  • If you see the error System.DllNotFoundException: libHAPI, first make sure to:
    • Check that you installed the correct version of Houdini given the version of Unity you have running. See above instructions.
    • Check that your system PATH environment variable does not contain any other Houdini installations.
    • Check that you do not have the environment variable HAPI_PATH defined.
    • Check that the path of the correct version of Houdini shows up in the new PATH definition printed in the Unity console at load time.
    • If all else fails, and on Windows, try this:
      1. Copy the OpenCL.dll, jpeg.dll, iconv.dll, and intl.dll files from the Houdini bin folder (in the install directory).
      2. Paste them beside Unity.exe in Unity's install directory (in the Editor folder).
      3. Restart Unity and try again.


For more details on the Unity plug-in, please consult the Houdini Engine for Unity Documentation.