Houdini Engine 6.0
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Houdini Engine comes with Plugins for Unity, Unreal, Maya and 3dsMax.

When running the Houdini installer, you will be asked to choose the plugins you want to install. This will copy the plugins file in the engine subfolder of your houdini installation directory, and will install the plugin in the corresponding host application detected by the installer.

You can consult the following sections for specific technical details on these official Houdini Engine plugins:

Houdini Engine Plugin Installer

The Houdini Engine Plugin Installer is a shelf tool, available in the Houdini engine shelf that allows you to install, update or uninstall your Houdini Engine plugins.


The plugin combo will list all the available plugins found in the engine subfolder of your install directory. If the plugin you want to install is not listed, please reinstall houdini, making sure you select that plugin during the installation.

The version combo will list all the different versions of the selected plugin available for install. Upon selecting a version, the Plugin path will display the path to the selected plugin's file or directory, that you can browse by clicking on the jump button next to it.

After selecting a plugin and a version, the host version should update, and indicate the path to the corresponding host application, found in the registry. It's possible to set a custom path to the host by clicking on the browse button next to the host path. The plugin's host path will be displayed under. The jump button next to it allows you to open the host plugin folder.

The status texts under the host group will indicate if the host application was found, if the houdini engine plugin was previously installed for that host, and finally if the host is installed under a protected folder.

If the host application is installed in a protected folder, the tool will indicate this, and invite you to restart Houdini in Admin mode so the plugin can be installed properly. This can be achieved by using the Restart Houdini As Admin button.

Once the host application path is found or set, you can install, update or uninstall the selected Houdini Engine Plugin by clicking on the corresponding buttons.