Houdini Engine 6.0
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The Houdini Engine for Unreal supports the latest two versions of Unreal, currently, UE4.22 and 4.23.

The regular Houdini installer includes Houdini Engine. You do not need to install both Houdini and Houdini Engine. You should only really install Houdini Engine (via the houdini-engine installer) if you only want Houdini Engine functionality and do not need to use Houdini itself or you only have a Houdini Engine license.

Fastest way to get the plugin working inside Unreal:

  1. Download and launch the Houdini installer.
  2. Follow the steps and make sure to select the Houdini Engine for Unreal 4.XX option on the Houdini Engine installer screen.
  3. Launch Unreal.

In Unreal, the Houdini Engine plug-in should be listed in the Plug-ins section of the Projects Settings.


For more details on the Unreal plug-in, please consult the Houdini Engine for Unreal Documentation.