Houdini Engine 6.0
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HAPI_InputCurveInfo Struct Reference

#include <HAPI_Common.h>

Public Attributes

HAPI_CurveType curveType
int order
HAPI_Bool closed
HAPI_Bool reverse
 Whether or not to reverse the curve input. More...
HAPI_InputCurveMethod inputMethod
HAPI_InputCurveParameterization breakpointParameterization

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1921 of file HAPI_Common.h.

Member Data Documentation

HAPI_InputCurveParameterization HAPI_InputCurveInfo::breakpointParameterization

Definition at line 1945 of file HAPI_Common.h.

HAPI_Bool HAPI_InputCurveInfo::closed

Whether or not the curve is closed May differ from HAPI_CurveInfo::isPeriodic depending on the curveType (e.g. A NURBs curve is never technically closed according to HAPI_CurveInfo)

Definition at line 1936 of file HAPI_Common.h.

HAPI_CurveType HAPI_InputCurveInfo::curveType

The desired curve type of the curve Note that this is NOT necessarily equal to the value in HAPI_CurveInfo in the case of curve refinement

Definition at line 1926 of file HAPI_Common.h.

HAPI_InputCurveMethod HAPI_InputCurveInfo::inputMethod

Definition at line 1942 of file HAPI_Common.h.

int HAPI_InputCurveInfo::order

The desired order for your input curve This is your desired order, which may differ from HAPI_CurveInfo as it will do range checks and adjust the actual order accordingly

Definition at line 1931 of file HAPI_Common.h.

HAPI_Bool HAPI_InputCurveInfo::reverse

Whether or not to reverse the curve input.

Definition at line 1939 of file HAPI_Common.h.

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