Houdini 20.0 hapi

hapi.getStatusString function

Return status string message.

You MUST call hapi.getStatusStringBufLength before calling hapi.getStatusString because hapi.getStatusString will not return the real status string and instead return a cached version of the string that was created inside hapi.getStatusStringBufLength. The reason for this is that the length of the real status string may change between the call to hapi.getStatusStringBufLength and the call to hapi.getStatusString.


getStatusString(session: hapi.Session, status_type: hapi.statusType, length: int) → str

Return status string message.


The session of Houdini you are interacting with. See hapi.Session for more on sessions. Pass None to just use the default in-process session.


One of hapi.statusType.


Length of the string buffer (must match size of string_value - so including None terminator).

Returns string_value as a str.