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Toon Color Shader shader node

Shades objects with a stylized cartoon look.

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Since 15.0


This shader works by dividing the model into three regions: highlights, lit areas, and unlit areas, and shading them with flat color. You can control the size and color of each area.

You will typically use this shader in combination with another copy or instance of the same object with the Toon Outline Shader.


  • This shader works with all light types, but it works best with non-area lights such as point and distant lights.

  • For certain cartoon looks, you might want to turn off shadows. Select the Light objects in the scene, and set Shadow type to “No Shadows”. (This will also speed up rendering.)

  • With this shader, it’s often convenient to set the color attribute on groups of primitives instead of painting textures. You can use the Toon Shader Attributes geometry node to set the colorhigh, colormid, and colorlow attributes. These override the parameters below. It can also override Toon Outline Shader parameters such as outline width.


The Toon Color Shader doesn’t work in PBR mode.



Use Cd

How much to use the model’s color (Cd) attribute vs. the colors set below.

Use Light Color

How much to use the color of incoming light. 0 ignores the color completely while 1 makes full use of it.

Highlight Size

The size of highlight areas. The actual size depends on the brightness of the lights in your scene.

Highlight Color

The color for highlight areas.

Mid Amount

The size of lit areas. The actual size depends on the brightness of the lights in your scene.

Mid Color

The color for areas that are lit but not a highlight.

Shaded Color

The color for unlit areas.

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