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The table view of the animation editor lets you view channel values at keyframes. You can also use the graph view and the dopesheet view to edit animation. To switch between these views, use the buttons in the top left corner of the pane.

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Switch to viewing the functions that control interpolation between keyframes

Select Edit Functions in the toolbar dropdown menu.

Switch to viewing the parameter values at keyframes

Select to Edit Values in the toolbar dropdown menu.

Create keyframes

  1. Select the cell(s) at the intersection of the parameter(s) you want to key and the frame(s) you want to key at.

  2. Choose Edit ▸ Key Selection.

Remove keys

  1. Select the keyframe cell(s).

  2. Choose Edit ▸ Delete Keys.



Click to switch between viewing parameter values and the functions that control interpolation between keyframes.

Channels menu

When a channel is displayed, it means that it is visible for viewing/editing in the animation editor’s graph, table, and dopesheet panes. This status is also indicated by the colored background of the channel name in the channel list. Clicking on the colored background of the channel toggles its display status.

Set Keyframes at Current Time

Adds keyframes to the channels at the current time.

Sample Values at Current Time

Copies the values of the parameters at the current time to the clipboard. Move to a different time and choose Paste sampled values at current time to use the same values at another frame.

Paste Sampled Values at Current Time

Pastes values copied with Sample values at current time.

Import into Displayed Parameters

Opens a dialog to load previously saved animation data from Export Displayed Channels into the parameters which are currently displayed.

Export Displayed Channels as

This brings up a dialog that allows you to save the data from the displayed channels.

Edit menu

Key Selection

Creates keyframes for the selected cells.

Delete Keys

Removes keys on the selected cells.


Copies the values of the selected cells to the clipboard.


Copies values from the clipboard into the selected cells.

Pasting in the spreadsheet will not delete keys if the pasted value is not a key. Pasting values always creates a key at the target cell if one is not there already.


Show Full Channel Path Names

If this option is turned on, the Channel column will show the full channel path (ie. include the node path as well) instead of just the channel name.

Show Channel Colors

If this option is turned on, the colored backgrounds behind the channel names/paths in the Channel column are displayed.

Reset Channels Settings

Resets all channel settings to their factory default settings.

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