Houdini 19.0 Shelf tools

Fractured solid object shelf tool

Pre-fractures the geometry of the selected object, creates a solid finite element (FEM) object, and sets up the fracturepart attribute on the pieces so they will stick together.

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This tool sets up several nodes to fracture the selected geometry and turn it into a solid object.

  1. It adds node to the selected object’s geometry network to split it into pieces using voronoi fracturing.

  2. It sets the fracturepart attribute on the pieces so the pieces themselves will not break up. See solid object fracturing for more information.

  3. It creates a Solid Object node in the current simulation and sets it up to import the pieces.

See solid (FEM) simulation for more information.


This tool is mostly useful to show the nodes used in a pre-fracturing workflow. See the section on solid object fracturing below.

You can also use the fracturethreshold attribute to make some parts of a solid object weaker or stronger. See solid object fracturing for more information.

Creating a fractured solid object

  1. Select the geometry to convert to a fractured solid object.

  2. On the Solid tab, click the Fractured Solid Object tool.


Once you convert geometry to a solid object, you can only transform, rotate, and scale it at the first frame.

For parameter help see the Solid Object node help.

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