Houdini 19.5 Shelf tools

Add Fur shelf tool

Adds fur to a surface.

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Creates Guide Groom and Hair Generate objects for the selected skin. This is typically the best starting point for any groom.

This selected skin geometry must be static. An animated version of the same skin can be selected as well. When this is done, the tool also creates a Guide Deform object, which moves the output of Guide Groom (i.e. groomed guides) with the animated skin. The Hair Generate object generates animated hair from these guides.

For more information, see the Fur Workflow help.

Using Add Fur

  1. Click the Add Fur tool on the Hair Utils tab.

  2. Select the static geometry object to which you want to add fur and press Enter.

  3. Select the animated skin geometry (if any), and press Enter. If you don’t have animated skin geometry, press Enter without making a selection.

Once the fur is applied to the object, you can use the parameters on the Guide Groom node to style it.

Shelf tools

Using the shelf

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    How to change the look of the shelf, change and rearrange its contents, and create your own shelf tools.