Houdini 19.0 Shelf tools

Candle shelf tool

Creates a smooth burning candle flame rising from the selected object.


This shelf tool sets up a preset pyro effect resembling a candle flame. The pyro system has low burn and gas release rates, so it looks smaller and less dynamic than other pyro presets. The preset uses disturbance to perturb the flame slightly. This preset releases almost no energy and so doesn’t use up much fuel.

One simple way to increase the height of the flame is to remap the Emit Range on the Pyro object’s multi-field visualization to make more of the flame visible.

See how to use the pyro tools.


  • If the object has a velocity point attribute (v), the Volume Rasterize Attributes SOP will create a velocity volume for the simulation.

    To add velocity attributes to the object, use the Point Velocity SOP.

  • Use the disturbance and turbulence controls on the Pyro Solver’s Shape tab to add detail or change motion.

  • Use the settings on the object’s Pyro Source and Attribute Noise SOPs to change the emission.

Shelf tools

Using the shelf

  • Customize the shelf

    How to change the look of the shelf, change and rearrange its contents, and create your own shelf tools.