Houdini 20.0 Shelf tools

Curve Advect shelf tool

Advects curves using a vector field generated from curves drawn on the skin surface.

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This tool lets you draw curves on the skin to quickly paint directions of the fur for the whole character. You can draw a few strokes in a few areas and the radius is computed automatically with nice interpolation between strokes. It is a quick and simple way to set up the initial direction of the fur.

For more information, see the Fur Workflow help.

Using Curve Advect

  1. Click the Curve Advect tool on the Guide Process tab.

  2. Hold LMB and drag on the skin of your character to paint the direction of the fur.


Scroll mouse wheel or ⇧ Shift + LMB + drag to resize the brush.

For specific parameter help see the Draw Curve and Volume Velocity from Curves nodes.

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