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Simple Softbody shelf tool

Configures SOP-based vellum softbody from geometry and collider.

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This tool lets you pick a piece of geometry and configure it as a vellum softbody. Rather than building a DOP network, it uses the SOP-level tools to build a simple network to work with the cloth.

Using Simple Softbody

  1. Select the geometry object to solve as a softbody at the SOP level.

  2. Click the Simple Softbody tool on the Simple FX tab.

  3. Select the geometry object to use as a collider, if any. This should be a polygonal object. To collide with volumes or heightfields, use the DOP-based setup.

For specific parameter information, see the Vellum Constraints and Vellum Solver help.

Working with Simple Softbody

  • You can change the Thickness and Mass of the cloth on the Vellum Constraints node. This allows you to set these parameters per piece of cloth.

  • The Pin to Animation parameters on the Vellum Constraints node allow you to directly select points in the viewport to pin using the reselect button.

    Choosing Stopped as the Pin Type sets a stopped attribute to 1 to make the point a hard constraint. This will act like a Permanent constraint that isn’t affected by forces. However, you can restore dynamics if you choose to move the pin later by resetting the stopped attribute to 0. This can be done using a POP Awaken.


    Choosing Permanent won’t allow you to release the constraint later.

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