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GU_BrushNibBitmap Class Reference

#include <GU_BrushNib.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for GU_BrushNibBitmap:

Public Member Functions

 GU_BrushNibBitmap ()
virtual ~GU_BrushNibBitmap ()
virtual float getAlphaColor (const UT_Vector3 &pos, UT_Vector3 &cd)
void setRaster (TIL_TextureMap *raster)
void setRasterChan (GU_BrushBitmapChan chanidx)
virtual float getAlpha (const UT_Vector3 &pos)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GU_BrushNib
 GU_BrushNib ()
virtual ~GU_BrushNib ()
bool testDepth (const UT_Vector3 &pos, float &depth) const
int hasStamping () const
void setOpacity (float val)
float getOpacity () const
void setDepth (bool usedepth, float depth, float height)
void setStamping (int stamp)
void setColor (const UT_Vector3 &cd)
void setOrientation (const UT_Vector3 &orig, const UT_Vector3 &dir, const UT_Vector3 &upvector, float rad, float angle, float squash)
void setSoftEdge (float softedge, TS_MetaKernel *kernel)
void toBrushSpace (UT_Vector3 &pos)
float getBrushDist2 (const UT_Vector3 &pos)
void setSplatter (float brush, float paper)
float getSplatter (const UT_Vector3 &pos)
void getOrientation (UT_Matrix3 &orient) const

Protected Member Functions

float getAlphaFromColor (const UT_Vector4 &clr) const

Protected Attributes

GU_BrushBitmapChan myChannel
- Protected Attributes inherited from GU_BrushNib
float myOpacity
float myInvRadius
float myInvRadius2
float myRadius
float myRadius2
bool myUseDepth
float myDepth
float myHeight
float myAngle
float mySquash
UT_Vector3 myOrig
UT_Vector3 myDir
UT_Vector3 myUpVector
UT_Matrix3 myOrient
float myPaperNoise
float myBrushNoise
UT_Vector3 myColor
int myStampColor
float mySoftEdge

Detailed Description

Definition at line 118 of file GU_BrushNib.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GU_BrushNibBitmap::GU_BrushNibBitmap ( )
virtual GU_BrushNibBitmap::~GU_BrushNibBitmap ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual float GU_BrushNibBitmap::getAlpha ( const UT_Vector3 pos)

Reimplemented from GU_BrushNib.

virtual float GU_BrushNibBitmap::getAlphaColor ( const UT_Vector3 pos,
UT_Vector3 cd 

Reimplemented from GU_BrushNib.

float GU_BrushNibBitmap::getAlphaFromColor ( const UT_Vector4 clr) const
void GU_BrushNibBitmap::setRaster ( TIL_TextureMap raster)
void GU_BrushNibBitmap::setRasterChan ( GU_BrushBitmapChan  chanidx)

Definition at line 129 of file GU_BrushNib.h.

Member Data Documentation

GU_BrushBitmapChan GU_BrushNibBitmap::myChannel

Definition at line 138 of file GU_BrushNib.h.

TIL_TextureMap* GU_BrushNibBitmap::myRaster

Definition at line 137 of file GU_BrushNib.h.

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