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UT_Polynomial2 Class Reference

#include <UT_Polynomial2.h>

Public Member Functions

 UT_Polynomial2 ()
 UT_Polynomial2 (int udeg, int vdeg)
 ~UT_Polynomial2 ()
void init (int udeg, int vdeg)
void resize (int udeg, int vdeg)
void makeIdentity ()
void zero ()
void transpose ()
void makeBezBasisOp ()
void makePowBasisOp ()
void applyOpLeft (const UT_Polynomial2 &op)
void applyOpRight (const UT_Polynomial2 &op)
void add (const UT_Polynomial2 &poly)
void mult (const UT_Polynomial2 &poly)
void mult (fpreal scale)
void compose (const UT_Polynomial2 &polyu, const UT_Polynomial2 &polyv, fpreal tol=1e-5)
void setBasis (int newbasis)
int getBasis () const
int degreeU () const
int degreeV () const
void reduceDegree (fpreal tol=1e-5)
UT_Polynomial2convertToBezier () const
UT_Polynomial2convertToPower () const
UT_Polynomial2copy () const
float & operator() (int u, int v)
fpreal operator() (int u, int v) const
UT_Polynomial2operator= (const UT_Polynomial2 &p)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file UT_Polynomial2.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UT_Polynomial2::UT_Polynomial2 ( )
UT_Polynomial2::UT_Polynomial2 ( int  udeg,
int  vdeg 
UT_Polynomial2::~UT_Polynomial2 ( )

Member Function Documentation

void UT_Polynomial2::add ( const UT_Polynomial2 poly)
void UT_Polynomial2::applyOpLeft ( const UT_Polynomial2 op)
void UT_Polynomial2::applyOpRight ( const UT_Polynomial2 op)
void UT_Polynomial2::compose ( const UT_Polynomial2 polyu,
const UT_Polynomial2 polyv,
fpreal  tol = 1e-5 
UT_Polynomial2* UT_Polynomial2::convertToBezier ( ) const
UT_Polynomial2* UT_Polynomial2::convertToPower ( ) const
UT_Polynomial2* UT_Polynomial2::copy ( ) const
int UT_Polynomial2::degreeU ( ) const

Definition at line 71 of file UT_Polynomial2.h.

int UT_Polynomial2::degreeV ( ) const

Definition at line 72 of file UT_Polynomial2.h.

int UT_Polynomial2::getBasis ( void  ) const

Definition at line 69 of file UT_Polynomial2.h.

void UT_Polynomial2::init ( int  udeg,
int  vdeg 
void UT_Polynomial2::makeBezBasisOp ( )
void UT_Polynomial2::makeIdentity ( )
void UT_Polynomial2::makePowBasisOp ( )
void UT_Polynomial2::mult ( const UT_Polynomial2 poly)
void UT_Polynomial2::mult ( fpreal  scale)
float& UT_Polynomial2::operator() ( int  u,
int  v 

Definition at line 83 of file UT_Polynomial2.h.

fpreal UT_Polynomial2::operator() ( int  u,
int  v 
) const

Definition at line 84 of file UT_Polynomial2.h.

UT_Polynomial2& UT_Polynomial2::operator= ( const UT_Polynomial2 p)
void UT_Polynomial2::reduceDegree ( fpreal  tol = 1e-5)
void UT_Polynomial2::resize ( int  udeg,
int  vdeg 
void UT_Polynomial2::setBasis ( int  newbasis)

Definition at line 68 of file UT_Polynomial2.h.

void UT_Polynomial2::transpose ( )
void UT_Polynomial2::zero ( )

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