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UT_VeryLong Class Reference

#include <UT_VeryLong.h>

Public Member Functions

 UT_VeryLong (uint x=0)
 UT_VeryLong (const UT_VeryLong &x)
 UT_VeryLong (const UT_PolyField &x)
 UT_VeryLong (const uint32 *data, int nwords)
 UT_VeryLong (const char *string)
 ~UT_VeryLong ()
UT_VeryLongoperator= (const UT_VeryLong &x)
UT_VeryLongoperator= (uint x)
UT_VeryLongoperator= (const char *x)
UT_VeryLongoperator+= (const UT_VeryLong &x)
UT_VeryLongoperator-= (const UT_VeryLong &x)
UT_VeryLongoperator^= (const UT_VeryLong &x)
UT_VeryLongoperator|= (const UT_VeryLong &x)
UT_VeryLongoperator*= (const UT_VeryLong &x)
UT_VeryLongoperator/= (const UT_VeryLong &x)
UT_VeryLongoperator%= (const UT_VeryLong &x)
UT_VeryLongoperator<<= (uint shift)
UT_VeryLongoperator>>= (uint shift)
 operator unsigned ()
int divideBy (uint base=10)
int getNumBits () const
int getBit (int i) const
int isZero () const
ut_VeryLongValue * getValue ()
const ut_VeryLongValue * getValue () const
int getNegative () const
void setNegative (int n)
void printVariable (const char *name) const
void print (const char *prefix=0, int radix=16, const char *suffix="\n") const
void saveToBitStream (UT_BitStream &bs, int nbits) const
void loadFromBitStream (UT_BitStream &bs, int nbits)
uint getLow32Bits () const
const uintgetData (uint &len) const
void setData (const uint *data, uint len)

Static Public Member Functions

static UT_VeryLong modexp (const UT_VeryLong &x, const UT_VeryLong &e, const UT_VeryLong &m)
static UT_VeryLong gcd (const UT_VeryLong &X, const UT_VeryLong &Y)
static UT_VeryLong modinv (const UT_VeryLong &a, const UT_VeryLong &m)


class ut_MMExp
class UT_PolyField
int operator!= (const UT_VeryLong &x, const UT_VeryLong &y)
int operator== (const UT_VeryLong &x, const UT_VeryLong &y)
int operator>= (const UT_VeryLong &x, const UT_VeryLong &y)
int operator<= (const UT_VeryLong &x, const UT_VeryLong &y)
int operator> (const UT_VeryLong &x, const UT_VeryLong &y)
int operator< (const UT_VeryLong &x, const UT_VeryLong &y)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file UT_VeryLong.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UT_VeryLong::UT_VeryLong ( uint  x = 0)
UT_VeryLong::UT_VeryLong ( const UT_VeryLong x)
UT_VeryLong::UT_VeryLong ( const UT_PolyField x)
UT_VeryLong::UT_VeryLong ( const uint32 data,
int  nwords 
UT_VeryLong::UT_VeryLong ( const char *  string)
UT_VeryLong::~UT_VeryLong ( )

Member Function Documentation

int UT_VeryLong::divideBy ( uint  base = 10)
static UT_VeryLong UT_VeryLong::gcd ( const UT_VeryLong X,
const UT_VeryLong Y 
int UT_VeryLong::getBit ( int  i) const
const uint* UT_VeryLong::getData ( uint len) const
uint UT_VeryLong::getLow32Bits ( ) const
int UT_VeryLong::getNegative ( ) const

Definition at line 95 of file UT_VeryLong.h.

int UT_VeryLong::getNumBits ( ) const
ut_VeryLongValue* UT_VeryLong::getValue ( )

Definition at line 93 of file UT_VeryLong.h.

const ut_VeryLongValue* UT_VeryLong::getValue ( ) const

Definition at line 94 of file UT_VeryLong.h.

int UT_VeryLong::isZero ( ) const
void UT_VeryLong::loadFromBitStream ( UT_BitStream bs,
int  nbits 
static UT_VeryLong UT_VeryLong::modexp ( const UT_VeryLong x,
const UT_VeryLong e,
const UT_VeryLong m 
static UT_VeryLong UT_VeryLong::modinv ( const UT_VeryLong a,
const UT_VeryLong m 
UT_VeryLong::operator unsigned ( )
UT_VeryLong& UT_VeryLong::operator%= ( const UT_VeryLong x)
UT_VeryLong& UT_VeryLong::operator*= ( const UT_VeryLong x)
UT_VeryLong& UT_VeryLong::operator+= ( const UT_VeryLong x)
UT_VeryLong& UT_VeryLong::operator-= ( const UT_VeryLong x)
UT_VeryLong& UT_VeryLong::operator/= ( const UT_VeryLong x)
UT_VeryLong& UT_VeryLong::operator<<= ( uint  shift)
UT_VeryLong& UT_VeryLong::operator= ( const UT_VeryLong x)
UT_VeryLong& UT_VeryLong::operator= ( uint  x)
UT_VeryLong& UT_VeryLong::operator= ( const char *  x)
UT_VeryLong& UT_VeryLong::operator>>= ( uint  shift)
UT_VeryLong& UT_VeryLong::operator^= ( const UT_VeryLong x)
UT_VeryLong& UT_VeryLong::operator|= ( const UT_VeryLong x)
void UT_VeryLong::print ( const char *  prefix = 0,
int  radix = 16,
const char *  suffix = "\n" 
) const
void UT_VeryLong::printVariable ( const char *  name) const
void UT_VeryLong::saveToBitStream ( UT_BitStream bs,
int  nbits 
) const
void UT_VeryLong::setData ( const uint data,
uint  len 
void UT_VeryLong::setNegative ( int  n)

Definition at line 96 of file UT_VeryLong.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

int operator!= ( const UT_VeryLong x,
const UT_VeryLong y 

Definition at line 64 of file UT_VeryLong.h.

int operator< ( const UT_VeryLong x,
const UT_VeryLong y 

Definition at line 79 of file UT_VeryLong.h.

int operator<= ( const UT_VeryLong x,
const UT_VeryLong y 

Definition at line 73 of file UT_VeryLong.h.

int operator== ( const UT_VeryLong x,
const UT_VeryLong y 

Definition at line 67 of file UT_VeryLong.h.

int operator> ( const UT_VeryLong x,
const UT_VeryLong y 

Definition at line 76 of file UT_VeryLong.h.

int operator>= ( const UT_VeryLong x,
const UT_VeryLong y 

Definition at line 70 of file UT_VeryLong.h.

friend class ut_MMExp

Definition at line 119 of file UT_VeryLong.h.

friend class UT_PolyField

Definition at line 120 of file UT_VeryLong.h.

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