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VEX_GeoCommandQueue Class Reference

#include <VEX_GeoCommand.h>


struct  VariableEntry

Public Types

typedef UT_PageArray< int,
1, true, false, 10, exint

Public Member Functions

 VEX_GeoCommandQueue ()
 ~VEX_GeoCommandQueue ()
const char * hardenString (const char *str)
const UT_Array< float > * hardenArray (const UT_Array< float > &arr)
const UT_Array< UT_Vector2 > * hardenArray (const UT_Array< UT_Vector2 > &arr)
const UT_Array< UT_Vector3 > * hardenArray (const UT_Array< UT_Vector3 > &arr)
const UT_Array< UT_Vector4 > * hardenArray (const UT_Array< UT_Vector4 > &arr)
const UT_Array< UT_Matrix2 > * hardenArray (const UT_Array< UT_Matrix2 > &arr)
const UT_Array< UT_Matrix3 > * hardenArray (const UT_Array< UT_Matrix3 > &arr)
const UT_Array< UT_Matrix4 > * hardenArray (const UT_Array< UT_Matrix4 > &arr)
const UT_Array< int > * hardenArray (const UT_Array< int > &arr)
const UT_Array< const char * > * hardenArray (const UT_Array< const char * > &arr)
void merge (VEX_GeoCommandQueue &src)
void sort ()
bool isEmpty () const
int addPrim (exint srcelem, VEX_GeoCommandPrimAdd::PRIM_TYPE primtype)
int addPoint (exint srcelem, UT_Vector3 pos)
int addPoint (exint srcelem, int srcpt)
int addVertex (exint srcelem, int primnum, int ptnum)
void setEdgeGroup (exint srcelem, const UT_StringHolder &groupname, int ptnum0, int ptnum1, int data)
void addLocalVariable (exint srcelem, const char *attrib, const char *local)
void addVisualizer (const UT_StringHolder &visualizer)
void rewireVertex (exint srcelem, int primum, int vtxidx, int ptnum)
void removePoint (exint srcelem, exint ptnum, bool includeprims)
void removePrim (exint srcelem, exint primnum, bool includepoints)
void setAgentTransform (exint srcelem, exint primnum, const UT_Matrix4F &xform, exint xformidx, bool worldspace)
void setAgentClips (exint srcelem, exint primnum, const UT_StringArray &clipnames, const UT_Array< float > &cliptimes, const UT_Array< float > &clipweights, const UT_StringArray &clipxformgroups, const UT_Array< int > &cliplayerids, const UT_Array< int > &cliplayermodes, const UT_Array< float > &cliplayerweights, const UT_Array< int > &cliplayerparents)
void agentAddClip (exint srcelem, exint primnum, const UT_StringHolder &clip_name, const UT_StringHolder &clip, const bool keep_ref)
VEX_GeoAttribEditfindEdit (VEX_GeoAttribEdit::DICT_TYPE dict, const char *name)
VEX_GeoAttribEditfindOrCreateEdit (VEX_GeoAttribEdit::DICT_TYPE dict, const char *name)
VEX_GeoEdgeGroupEditfindOrCreateEdgeGroupEdit (const UT_StringHolder &groupname)

Public Attributes

UT_Array< VEX_GeoCommandPointAddmyPointAdd
UT_Array< VEX_GeoCommandPrimAddmyPrimAdd
UT_Array< VEX_GeoCommandVertexAddmyVertexAdd
UT_StringMap< VariableEntrymyLocalVariables
< VEX_GeoCommandVertexRewire
UT_Array< VEX_GeoAttribEdit * > myAttribEdit
UT_Array< VEX_GeoEdgeGroupEdit * > myEdgeGroupEdit
< VEX_GeoCommandAgentXformEdit
< VEX_GeoCommandAgentClipEdit
< VEX_GeoCommandAgentAddClip
< VEX_GeoCommandObjectRemove
< VEX_GeoCommandObjectRemove
< VEX_GeoCommandObjectRemove
< VEX_GeoCommandObjectRemove
BlockArray myNetPoints
BlockArray myNetPrims
BlockArray myNetVertices
int myNumPrim
int myNumPoint
int myNumVertex

Detailed Description


Definition at line 674 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef UT_PageArray<int, 1, true, false, 10, exint> VEX_GeoCommandQueue::BlockArray

Definition at line 805 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VEX_GeoCommandQueue::VEX_GeoCommandQueue ( )
VEX_GeoCommandQueue::~VEX_GeoCommandQueue ( )

Member Function Documentation

void VEX_GeoCommandQueue::addLocalVariable ( exint  srcelem,
const char *  attrib,
const char *  local 
int VEX_GeoCommandQueue::addPoint ( exint  srcelem,
UT_Vector3  pos 
int VEX_GeoCommandQueue::addPoint ( exint  srcelem,
int  srcpt 
int VEX_GeoCommandQueue::addPrim ( exint  srcelem,
VEX_GeoCommandPrimAdd::PRIM_TYPE  primtype 
int VEX_GeoCommandQueue::addVertex ( exint  srcelem,
int  primnum,
int  ptnum 
void VEX_GeoCommandQueue::addVisualizer ( const UT_StringHolder visualizer)
void VEX_GeoCommandQueue::agentAddClip ( exint  srcelem,
exint  primnum,
const UT_StringHolder clip_name,
const UT_StringHolder clip,
const bool  keep_ref 
VEX_GeoAttribEdit* VEX_GeoCommandQueue::findEdit ( VEX_GeoAttribEdit::DICT_TYPE  dict,
const char *  name 
VEX_GeoEdgeGroupEdit* VEX_GeoCommandQueue::findOrCreateEdgeGroupEdit ( const UT_StringHolder groupname)
VEX_GeoAttribEdit* VEX_GeoCommandQueue::findOrCreateEdit ( VEX_GeoAttribEdit::DICT_TYPE  dict,
const char *  name 
const UT_Array<float>* VEX_GeoCommandQueue::hardenArray ( const UT_Array< float > &  arr)
const UT_Array<UT_Vector2>* VEX_GeoCommandQueue::hardenArray ( const UT_Array< UT_Vector2 > &  arr)
const UT_Array<UT_Vector3>* VEX_GeoCommandQueue::hardenArray ( const UT_Array< UT_Vector3 > &  arr)
const UT_Array<UT_Vector4>* VEX_GeoCommandQueue::hardenArray ( const UT_Array< UT_Vector4 > &  arr)
const UT_Array<UT_Matrix2>* VEX_GeoCommandQueue::hardenArray ( const UT_Array< UT_Matrix2 > &  arr)
const UT_Array<UT_Matrix3>* VEX_GeoCommandQueue::hardenArray ( const UT_Array< UT_Matrix3 > &  arr)
const UT_Array<UT_Matrix4>* VEX_GeoCommandQueue::hardenArray ( const UT_Array< UT_Matrix4 > &  arr)
const UT_Array<int>* VEX_GeoCommandQueue::hardenArray ( const UT_Array< int > &  arr)
const UT_Array<const char *>* VEX_GeoCommandQueue::hardenArray ( const UT_Array< const char * > &  arr)
const char* VEX_GeoCommandQueue::hardenString ( const char *  str)
bool VEX_GeoCommandQueue::isEmpty ( ) const

Definition at line 706 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

void VEX_GeoCommandQueue::merge ( VEX_GeoCommandQueue src)
void VEX_GeoCommandQueue::removePoint ( exint  srcelem,
exint  ptnum,
bool  includeprims 
void VEX_GeoCommandQueue::removePrim ( exint  srcelem,
exint  primnum,
bool  includepoints 
void VEX_GeoCommandQueue::rewireVertex ( exint  srcelem,
int  primum,
int  vtxidx,
int  ptnum 
void VEX_GeoCommandQueue::setAgentClips ( exint  srcelem,
exint  primnum,
const UT_StringArray clipnames,
const UT_Array< float > &  cliptimes,
const UT_Array< float > &  clipweights,
const UT_StringArray clipxformgroups,
const UT_Array< int > &  cliplayerids,
const UT_Array< int > &  cliplayermodes,
const UT_Array< float > &  cliplayerweights,
const UT_Array< int > &  cliplayerparents 
void VEX_GeoCommandQueue::setAgentTransform ( exint  srcelem,
exint  primnum,
const UT_Matrix4F xform,
exint  xformidx,
bool  worldspace 
void VEX_GeoCommandQueue::setEdgeGroup ( exint  srcelem,
const UT_StringHolder groupname,
int  ptnum0,
int  ptnum1,
int  data 
void VEX_GeoCommandQueue::sort ( )

Member Data Documentation

UT_Array<VEX_GeoCommandAgentAddClip> VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myAgentAddClip

Definition at line 794 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

UT_Array<VEX_GeoCommandAgentClipEdit> VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myAgentClipEdit

Definition at line 793 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

UT_Array<VEX_GeoCommandAgentXformEdit> VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myAgentXformEdit

Definition at line 792 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

UT_Array<VEX_GeoAttribEdit *> VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myAttribEdit

Definition at line 790 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

UT_Array<VEX_GeoEdgeGroupEdit *> VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myEdgeGroupEdit

Definition at line 791 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

UT_StringMap<VariableEntry> VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myLocalVariables

Definition at line 784 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

BlockArray VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myNetPoints

Definition at line 806 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

BlockArray VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myNetPrims

Definition at line 807 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

BlockArray VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myNetVertices

Definition at line 808 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

UT_StringSet* VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myNewVisualizers

Definition at line 786 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

int VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myNumPoint

Definition at line 810 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

int VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myNumPrim

Definition at line 810 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

int VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myNumVertex

Definition at line 810 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

UT_Array<VEX_GeoCommandPointAdd> VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myPointAdd

Definition at line 775 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

UT_Array<VEX_GeoCommandObjectRemove> VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myPointRemove

Definition at line 800 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

UT_Array<VEX_GeoCommandObjectRemove> VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myPointWithPrimRemove

Definition at line 801 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

UT_Array<VEX_GeoCommandPrimAdd> VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myPrimAdd

Definition at line 776 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

UT_Array<VEX_GeoCommandObjectRemove> VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myPrimRemove

Definition at line 802 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

UT_Array<VEX_GeoCommandObjectRemove> VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myPrimWithPointRemove

Definition at line 803 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

UT_Array<VEX_GeoCommandVertexAdd> VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myVertexAdd

Definition at line 777 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

UT_Array<VEX_GeoCommandVertexRewire> VEX_GeoCommandQueue::myVertexRewire

Definition at line 789 of file VEX_GeoCommand.h.

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