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VOP_DataMicroNode Class Reference

#include <VOP_DataMicroNode.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for VOP_DataMicroNode:

Public Member Functions

 VOP_DataMicroNode (OP_Node &node)
virtual ~VOP_DataMicroNode ()
virtual const char * className () const
virtual void getOutputs (DEP_MicroNodeList &inputs) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from OP_DataMicroNode
 OP_DataMicroNode (OP_Node &node)
void getParmInputs (DEP_MicroNodeList &inputs) const
void getUsedDataInputs (DEP_MicroNodeList &inputs) const
virtual void getInputs (DEP_MicroNodeList &inputs) const
virtual void clearInputs ()
virtual void update (fpreal t)
virtual bool requiresUpdate (fpreal t) const
virtual bool isEvaluating () const
virtual void evaluateExports ()
virtual bool isExporting () const
virtual int64 getMemoryUsage (bool inclusive) const
 Obtain approximate memory usage. More...
virtual void dump (std::ostream &os, const char *prefix=0, int indent_level=0) const
 Dump contents to output stream, strictly for debugging purposes. More...
OP_NodeownerNode () const
void bumpModVersion ()
bool isModVersionOutdated () const
OP_VERSION modVersion () const
OP_VERSION lastModVersion () const
fpreal lastUpdateTime () const
bool isEqualToLastUpdateTime (fpreal t) const
virtual void becameDirty (DEP_MicroNode &src, const DEP_PropagateData &data)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DEP_MicroNode
 DEP_MicroNode ()
virtual ~DEP_MicroNode ()
void propagateDirty (Visitor client_visit, bool only_outputs=false)
void traverseAncestorInputs (const TraverseVisitor &visitor) const
 Traverse all ancestor inputs of this micronode. More...
bool markVisitPass (int pass)
int lastVisitPass () const
void dumpAsDOT (std::ostream &os, const char *prefix=0, int indent_level=0) const
 Dump the contents is a manner more suitable for DOT. More...
bool inheritTimeDependentFromExplicitInputs ()
bool inheritTimeInterestedFromExplicitInputs ()
void addExplicitInput (DEP_MicroNode &inp, bool check_dup)
 Methods for manipulating explicit edges. More...
void addExplicitInput (DEP_MicroNode &inp)
 Add an input that this micronode depends on. More...
void getExplicitInputs (DEP_MicroNodeList &inputs) const
 Get list of all non-null explicit inputs. More...
int getNumExplicitInputs () const
 Get the number of non-null inputs. More...
int getNumExplicitOutputs () const
 Get the number of non-null outputs. More...
bool isDirty () const
 Flag accessors. More...
void setDirty (bool flag, bool allow_clear=true)
 Flag accessors. More...
bool isTimeDependent () const
 Flag accessors. More...
void setTimeDependent (bool time_dependent)
 Flag accessors. More...
bool isTimeInterested () const
 Flag accessors. More...
void setTimeInterested (bool time_interested)
 Flag accessors. More...
bool isOpDataMicroNode () const
 Flag accessors. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from DEP_MicroNode
typedef hboost::function2
< void, DEP_MicroNode
&, DEP_MicroNode & > 
typedef hboost::function2
< bool, const DEP_MicroNode
&, const DEP_MicroNode & > 
typedef bool(DEP_MicroNode::* GetFlag )() const
typedef void(DEP_MicroNode::* SetFlag )(bool flag)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from DEP_MicroNode
static bool canClearDependencies ()
 Global control whether dependencies can be cleared. More...
static bool canEvaluateExports ()
 Global control whether we can evaluate exports. More...
static SYS_FORCE_INLINE bool isSameTime (fpreal a, fpreal b)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from UT_SmallObject< UT_NonCopyable >
static voidoperator new (size_t size)
 Regular new/delete operators. More...
static void operator delete (void *p, size_t size)
 Regular new/delete operators. More...
static voidoperator new (size_t, void *p)
static void operator delete (void *, void *)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DEP_MicroNode
void setIsOpDataMicroNode (bool b)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file VOP_DataMicroNode.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VOP_DataMicroNode::VOP_DataMicroNode ( OP_Node node)
virtual VOP_DataMicroNode::~VOP_DataMicroNode ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual const char* VOP_DataMicroNode::className ( void  ) const

Reimplemented from OP_DataMicroNode.

Definition at line 25 of file VOP_DataMicroNode.h.

virtual void VOP_DataMicroNode::getOutputs ( DEP_MicroNodeList outputs) const

Get list of all our non-null outputs, both implicit and explicit. The base class returns the list of explicit outputs.

Reimplemented from OP_DataMicroNode.

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